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     In 1993 Barb & Craig Sulk bought 86 acres 7 miles north of Menominee Michigan. Then in 1995 they sold 6 acres and moved into their dream house, a 16 x 26 foot log cabin on the property, which is strictly heated with wood.  Their lives have always revolved around the outdoors and observing wildlife that pass through what has become known as Sulk’s Hunting Camp land. They have over 10 game cameras strategically placed around the property to monitor critters that live on their land or that pass through. A low estimate of 30.000 photos are taken by their game cameras annually.


    On May 9th 2012 one of these cameras caught what has become known as The Menominee Anomaly!  The Sulk’s sat on the photo for 8 months before deciding to let Finding Bigfoot, a nationally known television show attempt to figure out what the anomaly in the photo was. On September 21st of 2013 they did just that. The episode aired January 19th 2014 entitled SUPER YUPER BIGFOOT on Animal Planet.


   The Finding Bigfoot team left the Sulk’s with just as many questions as answers. So at this point they had 2 independent photo analysts come up with a shape for the anomaly. It was then Bigfoot went from myth to reality.


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