How HYDEN came to be.



     Once the shape was known of the anomaly, the task of


bringing the creature to life was given to local artist and Finding


Bigfoot fan Jacob Sulk. Since the creature was known to be


facing away from the camera, Jake flipped the image and used


his artistic license to create Hyden. Jake believed Hyden was just


beginning to lift himself from a kneeling position.

   After Jake had his rendering of the creature


completed, the drawing was then shot with a


projector onto a 5 foot piece of plywood. The lens of


the projector was exactly 2½ feet from the floor,


allowing for almost -0- distortion of the figure. Jake


traced the creature’s form onto the board and shortly


there after Hyden was cut out using a jigsaw.


     As for the name Hyden, that was a no brainer.


The image, name Hyden, and phrase The Menominee


Anomaly was all trademarked and original game


camera photo was copyrighted. This was done to


protect our own interests from opportunists who


were profiting from the courageous efforts those of


us at Sulk’s Hunting Camp took to bring the Bigfoot


conversation to the forefront.

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© Barbara Sulk